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Awareness and tips for your day to run smoothly

During the reception, we will need warnings from your DJ, 3 to 5 minutes before anything happens. For example, if a speech is to happen at 9:15, we'll need your DJ to come to our table to warn us at 9:12. Can you please let your DJ know this and STRESS how important this is for your photos and film to be documented?


You or both of you will be hooked up to audio recorders at different parts of the day. This is the only way to ensure we capture usable audio for your film.


Lighting will make or break the look of your film. It is best to get ready next to a window with limited or no lights on.


Your videographers will only speak up for things they need, unless otherwise directed by you for something specific. We are very respectful of photographers and enjoy working as a collaborative team.


If audio is not captured for any reason, those moments can not be used in your film. Please make your officiant, DJ, and wedding coordinator are aware of the importance to you to have the audio properly captured for your keepsake video. We only get one shot at this. :-)